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With our experience from various agencies, we formed our shared vision: We create the Digital Marketing Agency in Switzerland, which enables small and medium-sized companies to invest cost-effectively in professional Digital Marketing. No horrendous hourly rates and outrageous fees, which then lack in the development of products and services.

With our Flat Rate Digital Marketing Abo, KMU’s drive their business forward through efficient digitally supported brand and product marketing. The fixed price of the Flat Rate Digital Marketing Abo gives you planning security and flexibility in the services you need to react quickly to changes.

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Laura DÓŽA

Laura DÓŽA

Patrik DÓŽA

Patrik DÓŽA


Which Digital Marketing Services does Partnered provide?

Partnered supports companies in Branding, Content Creation (Photography and Graphics), Social Media Marketing, Google Advertisement as well as Website Development.

Does Partnered build Ecommerce Websites?

Yes, Partnered builds Ecommerce Websites based on your needs. From a simple one pager to a sophisticated and programmed website.

Is the support of my website included in the Abo?

All our Abo’s include a certain amount of hours of support. The scope of support can vary greatly, why we need to assess each case individually.

Are the meetings included in the Abo Price?

Yes, all the meetings are included in our Abo Price and will not be charged separately.

How can Partnered provide low prices?

Partnered work with a ecosystem of hand-picked and high quality proven experts from the whole Europe. Partnered have strong and trustful relationships with all its experts who are available 7/24. 

How does it work if I want to change a service during the Abo duration?

This is not a problem! Thanks to our all-inclusive model, we can discuss together which services are useful for your business now and adapt them in the hourly frame of your subscription.

Can I change from a lower priced Abo to a higher one?

Absolutely! This is not a problem and in many cases reasonable after a while.

Can I change from a All Inclusive to Advanced or even Basic Abo?

Yes absolutely. Consequently, the lower predefined hourly budget will reduce the number of services. This would be done in the most transparent way.

How is the Flat Rate Digital Marketing Abo billed?

Your subscription will be billed monthly in advance. The bill is due for payment within 14 days after invoicing and before the commencement of the service delivery.

How is Partnered providing me confidentiality and compliance?


In what languages does Partnered provide services?

Partnered are an internationally diverse company. Our main languages are German and English. Our team also covers French, Spanish, Czech, Slovakian, Finnish and Swedish.

Can I order a Digital Marketing Abo from abroad?

We are happy to make it possible and look forward to hearing from you.

What if I want to cancel the test phase before the end of the 3rd month?

While it is possible to terminate the trial before expiry, all fees for the trial period will become due and no refund is granted.

How can I cancel my Flat Rate Digital Marketing Abo?

You can cancel your subscription by the end of each month, with a one month notice period.

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